For those interested in receiving Trunked Radio, we have some good news.   Sdrtrunk is now working well with the latest SDRplay API 3.14 and the RSP1B. Author Denny has  included it in his nightly build (you can get a copy from here), with a full release coming by mid February.     Here’s a screenshot showing it running on an M1 Mac:

Sdrtrunk is a java application for decoding and trunk tracking multiple analog and digital radio channels across multiple SDRs or baseband recordings. The application provides local monitoring of decoded audio, recording, and streaming of audio to local and remote streaming services. Find out more about Sdrtrunk here:

A trunked radio system is a two-way radio system that uses a control channel to automatically assign frequency channels to groups of user radios. You can find out more about Trunked Radio here: