November RSPdx demos in the UK at Nevada, Waters and Stanton and ML&S

Here in the UK, this Sunday 18th November, Andy, Carol and Jon from SDRplay will be demonstrating the new RSPdx in Portsmouth where SDRplay resellers Nevada, in partnership with Waters & Stanton, are having their first ever, combined open day,  from 10am to 4pm.

Then 2 weeks later, on Saturday 30th November,  Andy and Jon will be at Martin Lynch and Sons, where once again Martin & his merry band put on the biggest Hog Roast Ham Radio event for customers at their Staines upon Thames HQ – Bacon butties for early arrivals, (the doors open at 8am) with the Hog Roast available around midday.


As well as checking out the newly announced RSPdx (available late November), these are great opportunities to give feedback to SDRplay if you already have an RSP, and to learn about the new capabilities of SDRuno which have been added in the last year (e.g. Diversity tuning for dual tuner RSPduo, the fully integrated scanning function).  For those of you suffering from Broadband VDSL interference, come and see just how amazing the wideband noise blanker is at pulling signals from the noise!