SDRplay Webinar News

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions and the large number of cancelled radio-related gatherings,  SDRplay will be trying to deliver more interactive web-based content in the coming weeks.  We have just started to pilot a series of new events.

For the past couple of weeks Mike KD2KOG has been inviting members of the independent SDRplay Facebook group to join him in a regular Saturday 1700 UTC (6pm UK, 1pm New York) Zoom session where he presents a different how-to topic each week, often with an accompanying guest speaker.  To find out more, join the Facebook group and watch out for the meeting code information which Mike posts in the 30 minutes before the event.

Meanwhile, here in the UK, yesterday we launched the first of a series of live workshop webinars,  when Andy presented a live demo of the non-windows API 3.X flow showing how to create a successful linux build:


We plan to publish a timetable for more of these live workshops over the coming weeks.  More details will be published later this week on

If you have ideas for topics you can send them to feedback at sdrplay dot com – we can’t promise to reply to all emails received here but we do get to read them all and they will help form our agendas for future live events.

Don’t forget, an index of available videos relating to SDRplay applications can be found at: