SDRconnect – More Raspberry Pi SDRplay support

There’s a lot going on to support Raspberry Pi users who are exploring radio for the first time with an SDRplay RSP.

SDRconnect SDR software runs natively on the Raspberry Pi 4 and 5.   SDRconnect is really simple to use straight out of the box.   That gives you a full receiver capability.  There is also server software included when you install SDRconnect, allowing you to remotely access your RSP over a LAN or over the internet.  SDRconnect even has a compact “Audio” mode to cope with all but the poorest of internet connections.  Even then, you can still see up to 10MHz of signals in the spectrum window on the client software.  Furthermore you can mix and match the platforms involved – e.g. Raspberry Pi at the server end and a Mac M1 at the client end would be just one of the many combinations possible.

When you scroll to the bottom of the SDRconnect page, simply click on the “Linux Arm 64 ” download button to get the software.

For Raspberry Pi users who are not coding experts, installing and launching new software can sometimes be tricky – so we’ve created a “Tips and Tricks” video to make the process really easy:

A hard copy document covering the same material is also available for download here:

For Raspberry Pi users wanting to run other software – GNU Radio Companion, CubicSDR and many other RPi-based applications, then thanks to the work of of Franco Venturi, you can find supporting libraries for the RSP family on our 3rd party page:

If you’re developing software to use on a Raspberry Pi with SDRplay hardware, the up-to-date API can be downloaded from here:

We are grateful to the Raspberry Pi Foundation for their encouragement and support.