This comprehensive review from popular YouTube Vlogger “SevenFortyOne”  gives a close up and detailed review of the SDRplay RSP1A

In addition, it includes an excellent introduction to SDRuno starting at around 9 minutes 30 seconds in . Then from 19 minutes 45 seconds onwards, the video demonstrates many of the controls in action on real HF signals. Then from 36 minutes 20 seconds onwards you get to see the RSP receiving signals at different points across the spectrum.


0 minutes 0 seconds:   Introducing the RSP1A

9 minutes 30 seconds:   Introducing SDRuno

19 minutes 45 seconds:   SDRuno controls in action on HF signals (75/80m amateur bands)

36 minutes 20 seconds:   picking up real signals from across the spectrum

Many thanks to SevenFortyOne for this excellent video.

See also the video from Bob Nagy – the two of these independent reviews together give real insight into what you can expect to be able to achieve with an RSP and SDRuno. The link is here: