I’d like to say a big thank you to all the moderators out there who maintain and help SDRplay users on the various groups and forums around the world.

The first to get going back in 2015, was the SDRplay Facebook Group which now has over 17,000 members.   A huge tribute to Paul Jones the co-founder of the group and someone who, despite a demanding day-job has patiently nurtured the group year by year.     He has also had to care for his wife who has been very unwell over recent years.  Then there’s Rick King, who has suffered health issues, yet has tirelessly maintained the Independent SDRplay Users forum over the last couple of years.

During the pandemic lock-down era,  we have seen Ruben Duckworth set up and manage the newer SDRplay groups.io forum, which recently passed the 1000 members mark  – and then he and his wife went down with Covid 19. It was a harrowing experience and we are glad that he came though OK.

In France, Claude Commaret not only manages the French Facebook Group but he also translated and maintains the SDRuno manual in French!   There are many others out there making sure that there are friendly places for people to meet virtually as the explore the wonders of SDR.

A full list of the forums we know about are listed here: https://www.sdrplay.com/communitylinks/

Of course even the moderators couldn’t do what they’re doing without all the contributors who continue to help the community with their detailed advice and help across the spectrum (sic!)

Thank You All – and to our  cousins in the USA – Happy Thanksgiving!