Jan van Katwijk has released an FT8 plugin for SDRuno.  In this video for Hamguides, Mike demonstrates how to use it: https://youtu.be/vxFshmAX494


Direct GitHub link to Jan’s FT8 documentation and plugin file: https://github.com/JvanKatwijk/unoPlugins-jan/tree/master/SDRunoPlugin_ft8  

FT8 plugin documentation: https://github.com/JvanKatwijk/unoPlugins-jan/blob/master/SDRunoPlugin_ft8/ft8.pdf

Check out the rest of Jan’s plugins by going to: https://github.com/JvanKatwijk/unoPlugins-jan

Visit the SDRplay SDRuno plugins page on: https://www.sdrplay.com/plugins/