Comint Consulting have upgraded their Kyrpto500 and Krypto1000 COMINT-SIGINT software suites to be fully-compatible with the entire range of SDRplay RSP receivers.   This represents a significant endorsement of SDRplay as a valuable supplier to the professional spectrum monitoring industry.  The excellent price/performance offering of the RSP family of SDRs, means that new projects with many more receiver nodes become cost effective. Click on the picture below to see the press release from Comint:

Click on the images below to find out more about the COMINT Signal Analysis and Decoding Suites:



About COMINT Consulting

COMINT Consulting leads the COMINT/SIGINT field with more SIGINT software suites compatible with several hundred leading hardware manufacturers and system integrators. Further, the company has been instrumental in creating complete new techniques in COMINT, to include precision classification, fingerprinting and visual parsing. Visit their website at

About SDRplay Ltd.

About SDRplay: SDRplay limited is a UK registered company making Software Defined Radio hardware.  It consists of a small group of engineers with strong connections to the UK Wireless semiconductor industry. SDRplay announced its first product, the RSP1 in August 2014