Many of our customers have bought RSPs for use at HF, and many have been long term short-wave listeners or radio amateurs who are adding the power of an SDR to their set-up.  A lot of them have enjoyed the tutorials and encouragement from Mike, KD2KOG who makes many of the SDRplay video guides, and who also hosts the “HamGuides”  webpage and YouTube channel

However, inspired by our friends at SDR-Kits , who sent him a patch antenna for L-band frequencies,  Mike has started to experiment with satellite signal reception during the past week or so.  You can follow his progress and try it out for yourself by following the videos as they appear on

Here’s a recent example, where Mike shares his success at picking up signals from his car:

As well as videos, Mike has produced a handy guide on how to get started with decoding Inmarsat L-Band transmissions from the I3-F(x) satellites:!vA9CmKCC!Zeztuk3QcEv7W42mlmtsYmzHx2SXJWIHHKZ3WULQoPI

The following video describes what’s in the accompanying .pdf guide:

So if you have an RSP and got it for one use, just imagine what else you could be tuning into – anywhere between 1kHz and 2GHz!  Share your experiences if you too are trying out L-Band by commenting on the videos.