The support team will be available over the weekend, throughout  Christmas week and into the new year, to help with any problems you may have if you are lucky enough to receive an RSP as a gift!

Please be patient since it may be a busy time, but all support tickets will be followed up as soon as possible.    The first steps are to check the documentation (download from ) and to look at the video guides on our YouTube Channel –   but if you still need help, raise  a support ticket by going to

By the way, this excellent video by SevenFortyOne is fully up to date showing the “out of the box” experience in for a newcomer setting up a new RSP with our  SDRuno software – start watching 4 minutes into the video  –

If your problems relate to specific radio applications or wider technical questions, the Independent Facebook Group and the Community forum are excellent sources of help from other SDRplay users.  With over 7000 members you can usually get a helpful  response very quickly.