It’s great to see so many RSPs becoming available for remote access using the new SDR-Console V3 Beta server software.  This is a neat way for people to try out an RSP before buying one.  Not all the features that are available when using SDRuno exist in SDR Console, but you get a good idea of what an RSP can so.  Also, because SDR-Console V3 server software sends the entire I/Q data over the internet it is extremely bandwidth-hungry – so you will most likely be limited to viewing a smaller part of the spectrum than the 10 MHz possible when running your own RSP locally.  Of course it also depends on what antennas are available as to what you might receive.   For example, right now, the majority seems to focus on HF.

If you are wanting to add your own SDR for remote use, there are a couple of things to be careful with:

Be careful when plugging multiple SDRs into a single USB2 socket to make sure there’s enough power – for multiple SDRs, you may need a powered hub ( like this: )

Once you are up and running – please go to… and view your listing – if there is a yellow triangle, then you are not accessible outside your own firewall – attention is needed! Just because you can access it on your own LAN doesn’t mean it’s accessible via the internet!!!  This is the most common area to have problems – double check your router’s port forwarding settings are correct (default port  50101 TCP)

The video guide to accessing other people’s SDRs and how to add your own is here: