We recently ran out of RSPdx units – and we are grateful to our UK subcontractor who is assembling another batch of units for us this week despite the extra work involved dealing with component shortages caused by the Coronavirus effects on their supply chain.   They hope to get the units packaged and tested so we can start the shipping process early next week.   Many thank to everyone patiently waiting for one.  Meanwhile we do have stocks of the RSP1A and our flagship RSPduo.  Click here to see a comparison of the key features of each RSP model.

We have also updated the product pages to include a link with a summary of the software available for each RSP model.  Go to our home page, select products and click on the picture of the RSP of interest – then on the product summary you will see a link for the software in each case.

The Satnogs project goes from strength to strength.  This is a worldwide crowd-sourced database for monitoring satellite information – see https://network.satnogs.org/ Alex Csete, one of the key technical contributors to the satellite industry posted a tweet this week and said “been testing SDRplay RSPduo and USRP B210 at OZ7SAT and they are both doing well with OPS-SAT”

As the weather in the northern hemisphere will soon start to improve, then assuming no travel restrictions, the question of how to put together a highly portable receiving capability may arise.    Guy Atkins writes in the SWLing.com post that he was looking for a portable setup which gives both “high performance and modest size” – see the full article here: https://swling.com/blog/2020/02/a-compact-rspdx-wellbrook-loop-kit-for-the-beach-my-approach/