SDRplay is pleased to announce that the RSPdx is now supported by Procitec’s go2MONITOR and go2DECODE software.  Their Comint (Communications Intelligence) software provides high-performance job-based, automatic HF-VHF-UHF monitoring including recording, SDR control, wideband and narrowband classification and multichannel signal decoding – all in one clever tool!

In this article, Tony Roper who kindly performed the necessary development work, describes how well the RSPdx performs for surveillance work and illustrates it with examples in his latest blog:


Above: The results viewer part of go2MONITOR –   two minutes of HFDL monitoring.

All the red blocks is received data that scrolled through the Channel window too quickly to read live.

In the viewer you can select any of the signals and you’ll be shown the message as sent.

The SDRplay RSP family together with go2MONITOR are a game changer when it comes to cost-effective, reliable and versatile spectrum monitoring.

For more information about go2MONITOR, go to: