It’s been fun watching all the new applications appearing which make use of RSPs in all sorts of interesting ways.

For example, it looks like the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is making use of the RSP2 as a radio receiver for atmospheric data from weather balloons that they launch. The NOAA developer involved has posted on the SDRplay forum and has shown examples of the software used and the setup with the RSP2. According to the article, the RSP2 is a dramatic improvement over the former receiver they were using and has extended their reception range  from 156km to over 318 km. According to the article, their transmitter battery ran out at 318kn, so they still are not sure exactly how far they can receive signals with the RSP2, but it appears to be at least 318km so far. Take a look at the article here: . According to the articles at the links, the developer is Allen Jordon of NOAA. From the articles at the links, Allen’s e-mail is

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