Many thanks to everyone who came to see us at NearFest, the RSGB Convention and at Pacificon.    It’s always good to meet customers and get face-to-face feedback on how we are doing and software priorities for the future.

Above: The rain didn’t deter NearFest enthusiasts!

As well as amateur radio use, it’s good to see the increasing number of posts out there, showing everything from VLF recordings of the 17kHz Grimeton SAQ VLF transmissions (here’s an example using GQRX – ) through to high resolution  1.7GHz satellite images made using XRIT decoding software (see ) This software works well in conjunction with any of the RSP family)

On the software front, we are working away on SDRuno release 1.3 which is progressing well – it will be worth the wait.   In parallel we are putting the finishing touches on an update to the Linux API updated needed for synchronous use of the two RSPduo tuners.  This is very close to release.  Currently only the Windows API supports the RSPduo dual tuners as described by Mike Rooke here

Here’s a reminder of the SDRuno software roadmap:

Version 1.3:
a) I/Q output via audio output for applications such as CWSkimmer
b) Frequency Scanner
c) Move all stored configuration settings from the Windows registry to a .INI file

Version 1.4:
a) A re-architectured version of SDRuno which will support 3rd party demodulator ‘plugins’ via a new plugin API
b) Dual stream signal processing for diversity/noise cancellation for the RSPduo

Version 1.41: A Remote Client version of 1.4

The above reflects changes to the short term versions of SDRuno. Our longer term goal of making SDRuno cross platform (Windows/Mac OS/Linux Desktop) remains unchanged. We are still working towards this. We will continue to include bug fixes and other feature improvements as releases are made.

Steve Andrews’  Spectrum Analyser software is getting close to beta release – there will be an announcement here as soon as that’s ready.

Our ongoing thanks to Simon Brown for SDR Console support – donations welcome at:

… and  to Mario and LC for HDSDR:

.. and Charles Cliffe for Cubic SDR: