Many people want to make recordings of specific signals on known frequencies, either in real time or at some time in the future.  SDRuno currently  includes a  recording facility and scheduler although this records the entire slide of spectrum selected and hence requires a lot of disc space.  Coming later this year in the  SDRuno software roadmap  (Version 1.41) will be the ability to just record a .wav file from any of the VRX receivers.

Meanwhile here are two new and very useful how-to videos in Mike KD2KOG’s series of HamGuides:

The first shows how to set up the SDRuno scheduler to ensure an IQ recording includes a wanted signal at a specific time in the future. It guides you through important detail like checking you’ve selected the right time for your timezone.  See:

The second shows you how to create an audio file in .wav or .mp3 format. See:

For a full list of video guides available, go to: