We have now run out of RSP2 and RSP2pro stock here at SDRplay, and there has been speculation as to whether we plan to build more, or to bring out an updated version of this popular design.  We can say that we are always assessing new concepts but have yet to commit a new design to production.

Both the RSP1A and the RSPduo overcame the RSP2 limitations of restricted low frequency operation on the 50 Ohm antenna ports. In most respects the RSPduo can do everything the RSP2 can do and much more. However we are very aware that the RSPduo carries a much higher price tag, due to the duplicate circuitry inherent in a dual receiver covering such a wide overall frequency range.  As soon as there is more news regarding either more stock or an alternative, we will let everyone know. Meanwhile some resellers may still have some RSP2 or RSP2pro stock (for example RS components)  Click here for our full list of resellers

It is our policy to only announce a new product at the point when or channel partners and resellers have stock they can sell.