We have just released an open beta version of SDRuno V1.41 to a limited number of people and are now working through the final bugs which are surfacing….. it won’t be long till the official release will be made (days now, not weeks!).

We are planning a webinar on YouTube for Sunday August 15th at 1700 UTC to talk through what’s new in V1.41 and to take questions via chat.   Here is the link: https://youtu.be/kuEPIdN2nnQ

Meanwhile here’s a video summary of the new features you can expect in SDRuno Version 1.41:

For those who like to explore other software (SDR Console ,HDSDR and CubicSDR being ongoing favourites) , there has been a flurry of third party software authors adding support for SDRplay RSPs.  Even though we can’t help users with these other software products, behind the scenes we are trying to support the authors when they have questions.    Special thanks in the last few weeks to Kevin Loughin for his YouTube videos and Alan Hopper who has made a beta release of his SparkSDR software for Hermes transceivers work for the RSP family.   Similarly we thank Alexandre Rouma for his work on SDR++ which now supports RSPs.    These are great initiatives and these guys have spent a lot of time working on including our RSPs.  Please be patient with them and help them iron out any problems you see. The fact that these new examples support potentially Linux environments will be appreciated I’m sure – having said that, our work on migrating SDRuno to non-windows platforms is still progressing.   All the code developed for V1.41 is compatible for the V2.0 migration to which we remain committed, even though we cannot commit to a timescale.

Along with many other electronics vendors, we are experiencing glitches with our semiconductor supply chain and working hard to mitigate this so that our production delays can be minimised. Some of our resellers may temporarily be awaiting new stocks.  Again, we ask for patience if availability becomes a problem in the coming weeks.

Wishing all our (northern hemisphere!) customers a great summer.