The software team at SDRplay is working hard to make the first release of SDRconnect available as close to year end as possible.  They have been hampered by sickness which is causing some delay, but we are hopeful that they will have it ready around mid-January 2023.

“SDRconnect” is the all new multiplatform SDR software for the RSP family of SDRplay receivers. It will initially run natively on Windows (10 and 11), MacOS (both ARM and x86) and Linux (both ARM and x86).

It will run on additional platforms such as Android and iOS soon after.

We have previously demonstrated the core functionality of SDRconnect at Dayton, Friedrichshafen and Newark. Now our software team is finalising the graphical user interface ready for the first release which is targeted for year end 2022/ January 2023.

The first release of SDRconnect will include basic functionality such as:

  • Both Client and Server capability (2 modes: Full IQ over local LAN and “network optimized” for use over the internet)
  • Multi-platform: Windows/Mac/ Linux/ Pi
  • Supports all RSPduo modes including diversity tuning
  • Power meter, S-meter, SNR
  • Multiple virtual receivers (VRX)
  • HDR mode for the RSPdx
  • Store and recall settings
  • Module interface for 3rdparty developers
  • Store and recall IQ data stream
  • Band select buttons

The software is highly modular and many features such as rig control and the scanner will be added via ‘modules’ rather than changes to the basic core program. This will help ensure continuity and software stability.

Functionality will be added at regular intervals. These include:

  • Scanner
  • Scheduler
  • Rig control
  • CAT control from 3rdparty software
  • Client for Android, iOS

SDRconnect will fully support all current members of the RSP family (RSP1A, RSPdx, RSPduo). The now-discontinued RSP2 and RSP2pro products are also supported, although the original RSP1 (phased out in 2017) cannot be supported by SDRconnect.

(SDRuno V1.42 will continue to be available for RSP1 users on Windows).

We will soon release a new video demonstrating the features in the first release.

More information will be provided in the coming weeks on