Steve, the Australian developer of the SDRplay Spectrum Analyser Software, has been quiet for a few months.  But during that time he has been extremely busy working on the beta release which looks like it may become available in February.

Steve provided this update to the SDRplay forum section on “Spectrum Analysis”

“Many apologies for not responding to earlier queries over the past couple of months. I have been totally absorbed with getting the next version ready.

Anyway, the good news is that I hope to have a beta release ready before the end of February. The software is currently 95% complete with only a few small things left to sort out……..

Main features are: Full span widths from 1KHZ to 2GHZ, waterfall includes various time-stamp option, peak markers included, multiple sampling rates, IF and IF bandwidth options. Multiple traces are available (one main and four auxiliaries) and full support for the RSPduo, in single radio mode. The multiple trace feature will be especially useful for storing traces for before-and after comparisons when checking filters or antennas with a noise bridge or tracking generator. “

If you go to the Spectrum Analyser thread on the SDRplay Forum , you can see that Steve has provided more screenshots and says he’ll keep us posted with further updates.