SDRuno 1.4 has now been fully released. It can be downloaded from here:
Here’s what is included in this new version:
• Plugin system.
• SP1 Panel now has support for ultra-wide 4K displays (5120 x 2160).
• Step lock button in the SP1 panel – also CTRL-L (toggle) with the relevant VRX in focus.
• Squelch line in the SP1 display (SQLC THR. Button toggles view if squelch is enabled).
• Auto-start the IQ stream on SDRuno start-up (enable in the OPT menu).
• Phase and amplitude lock buttons in the Diversity panel.
• Start SDRuno with just a wav file.
• Two extra zoom levels for the SP2 panel.
• Save positions of settings panels in the ini file.
• Automatic LO system (Zero-IF mode) – default is enabled.
• Enable/Disable for Automatic LO system along with offset value in Main Panel Settings.
• Saving workspace now allows press of Escape to abort the save.
• Improved squelch function (now uses the dBm value calculated in the audio bandwidth). See
• The main Windows API installer is now used to avoid multiple versions of the API being installed
• MW notch filter enabled for bands framed between 2 and 30 MHz (RSP dependent).
• SP2 panel timestamp now the same as the SP1 panel.
• The icon for the ExtIO version is no longer added to the desktop to avoid confusion.
• Status bar is less intrusive.
• Default RF gain value was too low.
• API : 64-bit redistributable incorrectly installed on a 32-bit OS.
• Replaced Ex Control Panel with Plugin Control Panel in the default layouts (the option to switch
back to the Ex Control Panel has been left in the OPT->Auto Layout menu).
• Memory Panel Filter is now editable.
• Memory Panel now prompts to save the current bank when either starting a new bank or opening
a bank (if it has been changed since the last save).
• When not band framed, the broadcast notch no longer changes when changing frequency.
• SWFM > 50% volume audio distortion.
• iCallbackSamples stored incorrect value for 10 MHz sample rate in the ini file.
• Bias-T inconsistent behaviour between RSPs (can be used irrespective of the active port, but only
when streaming). The RSPduo is the exception – Tuner 2 must be in use to activate the Bias-T.
• Occasional missing timestamp from waterfall and CSV file.
• Cycling through VRXs can sometimes cause crash if RX control panel not visible.
• API 3.07 installer Windows XP 64-bit support
• Rare bug that can cause errors reading in the VRX workspace settings from the ini file
• Sometimes exception errors can cause the log file to be lost.
• Architecture in the log file would report x86 even on x64 systems because SDRuno is a 32bit
• IF gain reduction values stored in the ini file can be read incorrectly in gain mode.
• IFAGC always starts enabled even if disabled in the Main Panel Settings
• SDRuno always started on the previous band even if band had been unframed before closing.
• Memory Panel did not use the ini file saved path before trying to use path in CSIDL_PERSONAL
and could cause a crash if there is a problem with it.
• IARU S-Meter initialisation assumes frequency is < 30 MHz and displays incorrectly.
• Text size scaling in the Status bar when the display is scaled.
• Decimation was not considered when going into HDR mode (sample rate mismatch).
V1.4 Copyright © 2016-2020 SDRplay Limited 3
SDRuno SDRuno Release Notes
• When band framed, selecting the band menu would cause LO LOCK to disengage and leave
incorrect sample rate (causing audio issues).
• Going back to 1.33 after using 1.4 would cause incorrect input device to be selected.
• Going back to 1.33 and then going forward to 1.4 caused the API 3.07 to NOT be installed.
• Setting Scan field in Memory Panel to Yes instead of Y could cause the scan to crash.
• Non-English locale could cause SDRuno to crash on exit.
• Ref clock output status not displayed in the main panel until the main panel settings were opened.
• WFM->SWFM->WFM did not return the volume level to the right value.
• Power/SNR output to file could skip some timestamps.
• S-Meter in T-Mate2 controller does not display correctly for > 30 MHz if IARU-1 setting is in use
Known Issues
• SP2 CWAFC drift issue (Zoom/window size/freq display)
• IF output mode disabled SP1 spectrum mouse clicks
Please note that this software includes a newer version of the API (V 3.07) and some third party software may not yet be compatible – popular software like the latest version of SDR Console is compatible but it may take time for other developers to update to using it
The release notes can be found here:
The updated user manual can be seen here:
 (Merci a Claude Commaret pour le manuel Francais )
More about plugins and links to new guides for the demo programmes included in this release can be found at:

(This includes information for developers interested in releasing new plugins for SDRuno)

More information on the release will appear in the next day or so – we’ll also be releasing videos on some of the core functionality improvements as well as some of the plugins mentioned above.
This video explains the new squelch settings:
As always, these releases are a great team effort and a big thank you to all of you that provided us with feedback during the release candidate process.