The latest update of SDRuno (Version 1.22) released this weekend has updates and features which should please users old and new.

For the newcomer to SDR radio, whose only experience may be from using a traditional hardware communications receiver, we’ve made it much more obvious how to turn the radio on and off with a very clear, colour coded Play/Stop button which toggles.  We also realised it wasn’t clear to everyone where the AF Gain/Volume control was – this is now much clearer.  Building on the popularity of providing pre-set frequency ranges of certain ham bands which we introduced in V1.2., this time we’ve gone a step further by adding pre-sets for all the ham bands and also the most popular LF/MF/HF broadcast bands as well.

Above: Play/Stop, Volume control and Frequency Band selection which brings up a choice of 3 sets of bands as shown below

The documentation has all been updated to reflect the latest version.   This includes both the SDRuno user manual which can be downloaded from our  Documentation page, under ‘Software’ and ‘SDRuno User Manual’ as follows:

and  also the highly popular SDRuno Cookbook hosted by Paul NN4F which has a link to it from our Documentation page, under ‘Community Guides’ and ‘SDRuno Cookbook’ as follows:

For the existing users, here is the full list of enhancements made, followed by an update to our roadmap for future upgrades.

• Support for 1366×768 default layout
• ADC overload detection in AGC off mode
• ADC overload acknowledgment system to avoid lockout condition
• Custom step size for each mode
• Band Button Groups (Ham Lower, Ham Upper, Broadcast)
• Two additional SP1 width presets (2560 and 3840)
• Additional menu option in memory panel to reset column widths (helps when upgrading)
• Scheduled Recording
• Auto update

• Registry reset now only clears 1.2+ entries
• SP1 Window max size supports 4K displays (3840×2160)
• Small improvements to the memory panel (panel width and field width changes)
• Improvements to the IF output mode
• UTC time fixed to 24 hour format
• Play!/Stop button colour coordinated
• Move MUTE button to make way for VOLUME label
• Moved Squelch value display to the right

• Log10 SING error
• Aero support detection to try to prevent rendering issues
• Freezing when switching to HiZ port in gain mode
• Gain “pumping” issue when in gain mode
• Settings panels not displaying properly when “un-minimised”
• Zoomed in frequency scale drag out of bounds bug
• Noise floor measurement bug
• Improved RSP error handling
• Sample rate change causing spectrum display issues
• Device selection bug

Known Issues
• SP2 CWAFC drift issue (Zoom/window size/freq display) – will be addressed in 1.23, workaround for now is to zoom out fully in the SP2 window and then the CWAFC feature will work.
• IF output mode disabled SP1 spectrum mouse clicks – temporary issue until LO is separated from the VFO (see plans below)

Following on from the 1.21 release where we outlined the features for coming releases, we have updated our plans, as shown below. The purpose of publishing this information is to give people an insight to the development plans but it is NOT a guarantee of the exact feature line-up and we cannot give release dates.

1.23 Intermediate update
• Recording of selected signal only (either I/Q or audio) to WAV file format
• Selected signal piped to VAC in I/Q format

1.3 Major update
• Separation of VFO and LO frequency control
• Frequency scanning

1.31 Intermediate update
• Remote client for network based streaming I/Q server applications

1.4 Major update
• Addition of new API for third party plugins

Download link:

Finally – here’s a video guide   to the changes:

Many thanks to all those of you in the community who have helped shape our ongoing improvements to SDRuno with comments and suggestions – keep them coming!