SDRconnect status update

The long awaited re-write of SDRuno for multiple hardware platforms is progressing.  Here’s more about why it’s taking longer than we originally thought:

Of the features not yet complete, the major effort has been with ensuring we have better support for the advanced feature-set of the RSPduo. Whilst SDRconnect is a ‘ground up’ development in terms of code base, certain approaches have been inherited from SDRuno as the radio API is almost identical. From the outset, decisions had to be made as to which approaches we would carry over from SDRuno and which would be re-designed from scratch. After a lot of reflection we have decided that the approach that we had carried over for ‘Device Selection’, which is key for the RSPduo was too ‘clunky’ and inefficient and so we decided to re-do this from scratch. Whilst this has certainly delayed us several weeks, the final approach will be a lot more robust and responsive and will stand us in better stead for the future.

Sometimes you have to take a step back to go forwards.

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