The February 2020 edition of Spectrum Monitor Magazine  is out and Larry Van Horn (N5FPW) has written this in-depth review of the RSPdx (see pages 11-17)

In it, Larry writes “To me the proof of a radio’s true weight and metal is when you put it on the air and test it in real life monitoring situations.
I own an RSP-1A and have been very happy with its receiving capability above 500 kHz. On longwave frequencies not so much. The RSPdx SDR, however, below 2 MHz has been fun to play and  DX with. I have added all sorts of longwave, AM BCB (including some trans-Atlantic MW stations) to my logbook.
In the longwave spectrum, for instance, during a half hour listening session, I added several new Non-Directional Beacons (NDB), including two new states and two Canadian beacons. I have also logged several longwave broadcasters from both Europe and Africa.”

We have kindly been given permission to reproduce Larry’s article here: RSPdxSpectrumMonitorReview-pages-11-17

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