This new video from Paul W1VLF, reminded me that many people don’t realise that their RSP can also be used as a really good spectrum analyser.

This is thanks to Steve Andrew’s RSPSA windows software which, as Paul shows, works impressively well.  In the video, Paul uses it for filter analysis, in conjunction with a low-cost noise source which he also demonstrates.   The demo starts around 7 minutes 40 seconds in:

Steve Andrew’s popular RSPSA software turns the RSP into a wonderful low cost lab tool with fast scan, sample and hold, and most of the key features you’d expect in a piece of lab gear costing 10 times the price.  The signal measurements are calibrated to give readings accurate within +/-1dBm.

For more information, go to:

The spectrum analyser software runs on windows and is totally separate from SDRuno.  You either run one or the other at any time (not both).   This software is great justification for having an RSP for work!