Youtuber Mile, Z33T has one of the few advanced samples of the new RSP2pro replacement – the RSPdx which will begin shipping later in November 2019.

He writes “Today I have received the new SDR receiver from SDRplay: the RSPdx,  and was eager to turn it on and do some tests receiving on HF and VLF. Although at the moment my mini-whip antenna is not operational, I have connected some 20 meters wire as an antenna and start listening on VLF, LW, MW and HF… I have to say that SDRplay team did a good job with this SDR-receiver, putting better filters and redesigning front-end to improve dynamic range and enhance overall performance in relation to its predecessors RSP2 and RSP2pro. The new RSPdx is very good indeed. Especially on HF and below.”