For people who rely on YouTube searches for recent tutorials and reviews, you may have noticed that at the moment you can’t search for up to date material (last day, week, month) as Google tries to prevent people from accessing certain content.  Similarly, searches in other social network platforms are becoming more clunky.  Therefore we recommend bookmarking our own Applications and Support Catalogue which has links to all our own material and a lot of useful 3rd party material, and it’s easy to see how up to date various content is:

There’s also our own YouTube Channel which has playlists of lots of videos including Techniques and Tips with wider SDR appeal than for just SDRplay RSP users:

Finally we have the SDRplay forum which has posts arranged in “latest first”  order,  and also has a searchable index:

Over on YouTube, “Signals Everywhere” demonstrates  the new SDRuno scanning software (released March 14th 2019):