How to get some very impressive GOES High Resolution Satellite images using the RSP2 and SDRuno

Geostationary weather satellite image reception is more challenging than APT weather satellite image reception, but can be achieved well using an SDRplay RSP2” as described in this new post on our forum.  The author writes “Before getting started in putting together a receiving system for HRIT and LRIT images, it is a good idea to go through this article and get a good idea of all of the software, components, and related expenses. The HRIT and LRIT images available from the GOES 13, GOES 14, GOES 15, GOES 16, and similar satellites are really spectacular. The file size limitation for posting images on (the forum site)  significantly reduces the available resolution. Complete images can be 40MB in size”

Click on the image below to be directed to the article on our forum which really shows the power of  the RSP2 plus SDRuno combination for Satellite Image processing.

Our thanks to “RSP2 user” for this detailed and compelling article