It’s official – SDRplay is “the star of the radio night” – so says ChatGPT ;-)

It’s not often that we try to share cultural thoughts with our followers…. and actually, this is no exception – but I felt I had to share this hilarious creation from ChatGPT, the online AI tool.  My son sent me this artificially created poem which came from the command “Write a poem about SDRplay in the style of Edward Lear” :

In a land of radios bright and gay

There lived a gadget not so far away

It was called SDRplay, oh what a name!

It soon became the talk of the radio fame


With its software-defined technology sleek

It captured signals with ease, oh what a feat!

From FM to AM, and shortwave too

SDRplay could tune them all, who knew?


Its users were happy, oh so thrilled

As they listened to stations, their hearts filled

For SDRplay made it all so clear

The sound was pristine, like nothing they’d hear


The signals flowed like a river in spring

And SDRplay made it all so easy, what a thing!

With its user-friendly interface so fine

SDRplay won the hearts of radio lovers divine


Oh SDRplay, you beauty, you joy

You’ve made radio listening a pleasure, oh boy!

With your technology so advanced and bright

You’ve become the star of the radio night