SDRplay announces the RSPdx-R2

SDRplay is pleased to announce the launch of the RSPdx-R2 which is an enhanced version of the RSPdx.

Global supply chain support issues have prompted some redesign of our existing products to ensure continued supply for our UK manufacturing partners. With each new member of the RSP family, we try to include improvements. This has given us the opportunity to offer performance enhancements at the same time as assuring supply.

The RSPdx-R2 provides up to 10MHz spectrum visibility anywhere from 1kHZ to 2GHz with no gaps. It features:

• Improvements to the RSPdx for MF frequencies and below:
• Improved noise performance below 1MHz
• Improved dynamic range below 2MHz both in tuner mode and HDR mode

In other respects it is has the same additional features over and above the lower cost, single antenna RSP1B. These include:
• 3 Software selectable inputs, including a BNC input for up to 200MHz
• A 500kHz LPF for LF/VLF
• HDR mode for enhanced performance under 2MHz (using free SDRuno or SDRconnect software)
• Notch filters on all inputs

More details on

The suggested retail price is £188.00 GBP (excluding VAT or shipping), $235.00 USD (excluding tax or shipping) or €225.60 EUR (excluding tax or shipping).

First production has begun and we have started shipping to resellers worldwide.

To purchase, go to:

For those going to Hamvention in Dayton, Ohio next week, Mike, KD2KOG and Steve, KI5ENW will be demonstrating the new RSPdx-R2 on the Ham Radio Outlet booth