Our Downloadable SD card images which allow you to run SDR software on an RSP connected to a Raspberry Pi have proved to be popular.  These are the images you can get by going to https://www.sdrplay.com/raspberry-pi-images/ and there are versions for all the RSP models as well as a headless server version for remote operation. (Please note that our SD Card images were updated in December 2020 to ensure compatibility with the newer RPi 4B+, RPi 4B+ 8GB and the RPi-400)

However, this does mean fiddling with the SD card to swap it whenever you want to switch to and from other software on the same Raspberry Pi.

So now we have released some installer scripts which allow you to add to an existing Raspberry Pi configuration – and the SDRplay related software will be appear alongside your other applications. as shown in this new video:

In the video we show how to download, extract and execute installer scripts for the SDRplay API, CubicSDR and RSP_TCP Server.   These installer scripts are available from https://www.sdrplay.com/downloads/ (select your RSP and choose ARM Raspberry Pi OS – then chooses API – you can then download the API Installation & these new installer Scripts)