ADS-B (dump 1090) is now available for Windows users  on the RSP2  (other platforms to follow) – The RSP1 is already supported on multiple platforms.   To use for plane tracking,  download both the documentation and the software from – please note the documentation dated October 2016 still refers to the old website screen on Page 2 for the download process and doesn’t mention the RSP2 – however everything is equally applicable to  the RSP2 (You must use Port B for the antenna)   Please note that you cannot use the same RSP for both ADS-B and any other SDR software at the same time since the dump1090 makes exclusive use of the RSP during operation.

One SDRplay Facebook Group member, Ben,  reported: “dump1090 working just great on my rsp2…seeing planes 300-400 miles out”  and posted this picture: