I’ve had a frustrating day – I had a nice chat with someone who called +44 1223 911044 – that is the SDRplay incoming Skype number mentioned on our contact page – a number which I personally monitor and answer when at my desk.  Usually if we miss a call we can simply call back whoever called.  But Skype has a serious problem whereby some numbers you call back simply don’t connect! I had several missed calls from what looked like a French phone number (starting +33) – every attempt to return the call failed!

However, eventually Benny from Israel called at a point where I was actually available to answer,  and we had a good chat about some problems with an RSP1 –  I promised to send him an email follow up – I must have written Benny’s email address down wrongly, because the email address bounced back and trying to call back on Skype just didn’t work for Benny’s number which started out +33 (as in France!).

The reason I’m writing this as a blog is to encourage Benny to email me directly on jon.hudson at sdrplay.com so that I can follow up and help him out as we discussed!

Benny – please get in touch!!!  I am trying to follow up as we agreed!!!!

Best wishes to all,  Jon