Mike KD2KOG  has just uploaded a couple of videos showing how to set up your Virtual Audio Cable in conjunction with SDRuno – see    https://youtu.be/il-4VliXwVk

Some of you may have seen the other recent one Mike made last week which helpfully shows how to start out with SDRuno settings – see  https://youtu.be/l7SsCHSj4iQ

Meanwhile more and more RSP users are adding to the knowledge base with their own videos – I try to pick the best of these and add links to them within our YouTube Channel Playlists:

The SDRplay YouTube channel can be found here: www.youtube.com/c/SDRplayRSP – if you make a video and would like it be seen by our community, simply email me the link at jon.hudson at SDRplay dot com – I will then add it to one of the ‘playlist’ categories – e.g. ‘techniques and tips’