In the last few days we’ve had Steve KI5ENW speaking at the “QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo event” and Andy, our software architect talking to the Dover (UK) amateur radio club.  Here are videos from these two events.

First the session with the Dover club where  Andy is joined by Mike, KD2KOG for a very interactive Q&A session which gives the latest insight into how the SDRuno software is evolving to do more and more:


And here is the video of Steve’s presentation to the QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo event.   This does not include the interactive Q&A session which we hope will become available from the event organisers in due course.  The focus here is on just how much an SDR can expand the capabilities of Ham radio ( a good video to share with friends who are still unsure about SDRs!):

The QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo website is:

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