Many thanks to Mile Kokotov in Macedonia who posted this excellent demonstration video showing the power of the new RSPdx  for long wave DXing.  (You can visit Mile’s popular YouTube channel here)

Over on the Independent SDRplay Facebook group, he posted the following article:

“Amateur Radio is an interesting hobby with many different areas in which every radio tech lover can find himself and enjoy.

In addition to the already known amateur radio disciplines, many hams around the world are interested in the so-called “Broadcast DX-ing”.

They use radio receivers to “hunt” distant commercial radio stations on long waves (LW), medium waves (MW), short waves (HF) and very short waves (VHF).

In this video I will show you the “hunting” of long distance commercial radio stations on Long Waves (LW).

Every radio amateur knows that the reception of low frequencies (long wavelengths) is a particularly big challenge because there are a number of RF interference, atmospheric interference and industrial interference (man made RF-noise).

If anyone doesn’t believe it, he can try to catch some of these radio stations that I recorded on this video. Although their signals are relatively strong, try it out, and you’ll find that reception is not simplistic at all, even if you have a large external antenna and a modern radio receiver.

In this video I am using the newest model of SDR receiver from SDRplay (RSPdx model), and the antenna is home-made active mini-whip antenna with two transistors, mounted on a 6-meter high telescopic plastic mast.

The software is SDRuno from the same company, which together with the aforementioned SDR receiver make a real miracle for receiving in frequency range from 1 kHz up to 2000 MHz.

The large number of DSP plus HDR features and predefined filters, which can be manually adjusted to the specific reception conditions, allow high quality reception of distant radio signals that will impress even the most demanding DX-ers.

Watch the video and see for yourself. 73!”