John Rogers M0JAV has recently lectured on how both Steve Andrew’s spectrum analyser software and SDRuno are two powerful complementary tools when it comes to tracking down RF interference problems.  In his lecture this week for the Mid-Ulster amateur radio club, he included some very practical live demos. He showed how the spectrum analyser software can guide you to the likely ranges of RFI, and then how SDRuno allows you to accurately quantify and record such noise sources.   11 minutes in, he describes the design of a very a low cost and practical sensing loop for sniffing out candidate EMC problem sources.   The video is quite long but contains some very practical help on making sure you don’t chase the wrong signals (such as near field sources which in practice won’t be a problem).


Below is a link to the more formal RSGB  lecture he gave on July 13th,  regarding VDSL RFI investigations.  This is a very useful reference resource for anyone wanting to learn more about RFI and how to identify sources :