Many thanks to all the RSP users out there providing information and tips on using RSPs by posting YouTube videos.  In particular I recently spotted these (this is just a random selection)

Matt, owner of the Tech Minds channel, posted this video on decoding GMDSS Global Maritime Distress and Safety messages from broadcasts on MW and HF:

Aaron, author of Dragon OS has a YouTube Channel called cemaxecuter:

He writes ” I think this channel is best described as a project aimed at making it as easy as possible for someone new to Linux and SDRs to run either a live Linux distro or install Linux and quickly be up and running with not only popular well know easily installed SDR software but also harder to install and/or compile software. Combined with YouTube videos it ensures everyone’s on the same page and able to follow along.” In the following video, Aaron demonstrates how to use DragonOS LTS, SigDigger, and CubicSDR with RSPduo’s dual tuner capabilities. He comments that one instance each of SigDigger and CubicSDR or two instances of CubicSDR works.

Gilles, who hosts the popular OfficialSWLchannel from Canada has started a series of how-to videos around SDRuno.  Here’s one showing in detail the settings possible for each of the SDRuno panels:

Gilles hosts regular live shows on Wednesday and Friday evenings where you can get his thoughts on many aspects of shortwave listening and SDRplay products in particular.

In this video, the spectrum analyser software from Steve Andrew is used to good effect to help track down an annoying intermod problem on a scanning receiver:

I recommend doing a YouTube search on SDRplay over say the last month,  to see all the new things people are doing with their RSPs.