Steve Andrew has just added a couple of cool new features to his popular Spectrum Analyser software which works with all the SDRplay RSPs.

 His latest release (Version 1.04b) now includes a “Gain Table editor” and a clock spur removal feature

The Gain Table editing feature allows for an additional level of calibration to be made for specific applications, while the Clock spur removal button enables or disables the clock spur reduction system. With no input signal, the small spurs generated by the 24MHz clock create harmonics which get full amplification – these can be an irritant when making large sweeps.  When this removal function is enabled, the 24MHz clock spur, and all harmonics up to 2GHz are reduced, or removed.

Full documentation, including the latest features, can be found here:

For more information about the Spectrum Analyser and to download the software, go to: 

(Please note this windows based software runs completely independently from our SDRuno software)