A few weeks ago SDRplay reached the conclusion that a company owned and administered forum was no longer viable, nor in the best interests of our growing user base and as a result we reluctantly decided to permanently suspend it.

We are pleased to be able to announce that a new independently run forum for SDRplay users has now been started. This forum is run by a small group of enthusiasts who have no affiliation to SDRplay whatsoever and so can ensure its complete independence. This new group is led by Rick King who is already involved in the running of several Facebook groups ( including SDRplay and for Scanning ) and hosts a YouTube channel for scanner and SDR enthusiasts

We hope that existing and prospective SDRplay users will join the new forum and make it a great place to share knowledge, tips and their experiences. To participate, please go to  https://sdrplayusers.net/forums/

Some people ask why we encourage both an independent  Facebook group and an independent forum.  The reason is this:   The thriving (also independent) Facebook group is actually a superb resource for getting real-time help from fellow SDRplay users – founded by Paul, NN4F from Ridgeville, SC and a few others,  it now has over 11,000 members.  Here’s the link to it: www.facebook.com/groups/sdrplay – it has the advantage of immediacy and has a real buzz to it.    However, it is “of the moment” and it’s hard to go back and browse older strings on specific topics from prior years.  There are also a significant number of people who won’t use Facebook and are therefore left out.

Members of the SDRplay will continue to try to add their help with comments and posts on both the Facebook group and the new forum, where appropriate, and as time permits.  But these independent groups are fundamentally community resources, as distinct from direct support from the company. For direct support from the company, please go to  www.sdrplay.com/support/ which we continue to prioritise as our way of providing help to our existing and prospective customers.

Please note that the old SDRplay forum articles remain accessible as a searchable resource, and links to the large number of excellent articles will remain active if you refer to them in posts on the new forum.