SDRuno Version 1.13 released, with IF Output support for Panadapters

We have just released SDRuno version 1.13 which adds the much requested ‘IF Out’ facility for Panadapter use. It also includes the following updates:

Bug Fixes
• Fixed RSP2 IF AGC/gain slider display issues
• Added IF Output mode for transceivers
• Added 250 Hz to frequency step size list
• Default page in the settings panels is now the left most page each time SDRuno is started
• Added RSP2 IF GR/Gain value
• Added Factory Reset in the Main Window OPT menu (1st Instance only)
• Improved power function error handling
• Added support for Sub Modes, Filter BW and Port Selction in the Memory Panel
• Changed RDS window colour scheme to match other windows
• Added new hotkeys ‘v’, ‘-‘ and ‘+’ which are for VFO, Out and In zoom buttons in the SP1 window
• Hotkey ‘b’ now opens AND closes the memory panel
• Changed the default sync Rig->VRX setting to true
• API – RefClk o/p no longer stops when the master RSP2 stops streaming

To get this latest version, go to

(Documentation is in ‘release notes’)