SDRplay at both SEAPAC and Freidrichshafen this weekend

Ham Radio Outlet have the new RSPduo on sale at SEAPAC (Seaside, Oregon, USA) this weekend.  Steve from SDRplay will be presenting “An Introduction to SDR” in room “Seaside A”  and talking about the new RSPduo at 11am this morning (Saturday June 2nd)

Above: Steve (centre) will be at SEA-PAC this weekend

Meanwhile it’s day 2 of HamRadio, Freidrichshafen and another opportunity to see the RSPduo in action on the Funk24 stand in Hall/Stand No. A1-339, hosted by

Above, Andy will be at HamRadio, Freidrichshafen this weekend

Thanks to those of you posting your YouTube videos of what you’re doing with your new RSPduos – here’s a couple from just now:

 There will be a special feature on SDR on Radio Mi Amigo International today during Bob James’ Radio Cave show at 1300 CET (June 2nd) – see