Inspiring young radio engineers – how to pick up pictures from the ISS

A lot of SDR users are very active radio engineers by profession, and they are keen to attract the next generation.  They are looking for ways to inspire them with the wonders of radio.  We need the younger folks to take up the baton when it comes to innovation and invention.   Talking to school teachers, it’s clear that tuning into the air waves and picking up voice signals, isn’t in itself that much of a big deal, especially now there are mobile apps for smartphones such as Zello which can ensure the guaranteed “armchair copy” QSO!  (No airwaves were disturbed in making such calls – WiFi connectivity excepted!)

So when it comes to inspiring newcomers to radio, the idea of picking up a picture sent directly from the International Space Station direct to your radio/PC has a certain novelty to it.  We’ve all seen the magical glow tracing across the sky for 6 minutes  a couple of times a day, and to be aware that the signal is coming straight to your antenna can be a thrill.  This is done using Slow Scan TV (SSTV)

Here now is a new video published by “Tech Minds” which is a tutoral which shows exactly how to go about this.  The author also lists the hardware and software being used with links to be able to find them.  It’s the kind of video I would recommend sending to any intelligent 12 year old to get him or her inspired.  An RSP1A makes a perfect gift recommendation too.