Updated Spectrum Analyser software for SDRplay RSP family

Steve Andrew has released a major update to his Spectrum Analyser software which works with all RSP models (RSP1, RSP1A, RSP2, RSP2pro and RSPduo)

Steve writes ” It’s  been a bit long in arriving but I hope you think the wait will have been worthwhile. The response to the original version was quiet gratifying and certainly spurred me on to get a much-enhanced version completed.     This new release includes many new features as well as removing the limitations imposed on the previous version.”

The new features include multiple traces, a versatile marker system with maths, peak find and display functions, Zero or non-Zero IF options and an upgraded tracking generator system. For more information and links to documentation and the software itself, go to: https://www.sdrplay.com/spectrum-analyser/


On March 25th, YouTuber TomTekTest posted this enthusiastic introductory demo video: https://youtu.be/cj6VCNmWtN0