Calling university lecturers wanting to teach radio communications to science undergrads

Updated November 22nd 2020

If you or anyone you know teaches STEM subjects at undergraduate level and wants to inspire a deep interest in radio communications, then the new SDRplay-sponsored teaching materials provide  a great way to do this. It’s a ready-to-teach one term module (11 hours of lectures and engaging lab sessions)  Teachers can register and download free materials (PowerPoint (editable) lecture slides, notes, hand-outs, lab-set-up guides, video materials, tests and so on) and join a forum of like minded teachers to share experiences and support from the authors of the materials.   The official launch webinar took place on Thursday 19th November when the authors talked through the materials and answered questions submitted via live YouTube chat.  Click here to view the event:

Full details of the course can be found here:

Download and print the Course brochure: