SDRplay has released a new downloadable Raspberry Pi SD card image which adds support for the RSPdx and simultaneous use of both the tuners in the RSPduo.

This V0.7 release is the first build to support the RSPdx and RSPduo in master/slave mode. The image also supports the RSP1, RSP1A,RSP2 and RSP2pro.

The list of software on this image is: SoapySDR/SoapySDRPlay, SoapyRemote, Cubic SDR, ADSB (Dump1090), and the updated RSP TCP Server

The V0.6 download, with some additional third party software,  is still available for the RSP1, RSP1A,RSP2, RSP2pro and RSPduo in single tuner mode.

Full details and links can be found here:

There is also a headless server image that can run in 4 different server modes for remote operation.

rsp_server_16bit = RSP TCP Server running in 16 bit Extended mode
rsp_server_8bit = RSP TCP Server running in 8 bit Extended mode
rtl_server = RSP TCP Server running in 8 bit RTL compatible mode
soapy_server = SoapyRemote Server (for LAN use only)

SDR software which supports the EXTIO interface (like HDSDR for example) can make use of the extended mode for higher ADC resolution, choice of antenna ports, selecting notch filters and so on