We have today released SDRuno V1.4 as a “Release Candidate” which means it is more than a beta version.  We are aware there may still be bugs  to fix, plus there is a “catch-up” period when other third party software will need to adapt to our latest API.  When you go to https://sdrplay.com/downloads/ and select SDRuno (All RSPs), you will get a choice between the already existing stable Version 1.33 and this new Version 1.4 Release Candidate 1.

When you install version 1.4 it will install version 3.07 of the API, and this may have consequences if for example you also have other software installed on your PC (e.g.  SDR Console)  which is currently designed to work with version 3.06 or older.

If you only use SDRuno SDR software you should have no problems upgrading to Version 1.4 Release Candidate 1.

Version 1.4 Release Candidate brings you access to some pre-installed plugins for DAB radio decode and a new audio recorder which supports recording both WAV and MP3 formats.

Here is more about the plugins system being introduced in SDRuno Version 1.4: https://sdrplay.com/plugins/

We welcome feedback to feedback@sdrplay.com – we won’t be able to respond to all emails received but all will be read, although at this stage, feature requests cannot be included in the Version 1.4 release.


YouTuber Tech Minds has made this introductory video illustrating the new features: