August Spectrum Monitor features SDRplay receivers

In the latest (August 2018) edition of Spectrum Monitor, Kevin O’Hern Carey WB2QMY writes in his review of recommended SDRs (titled “SDR—You Can Do It!”):  “I believe this unit  (the RSP1A) would be an excellent place to start for the beginner who wants a serious receiver, or who is ready to move up a notch from a simple entry-level SDR, such as a USB dongle unit”

Elsewhere in the August edition,  the RSPduo features in another article:  “Not the Sounds of Silence: Exploring the ELF and VLF Band”,  by Georg Wiessala


Individual editions of the Spectrum Monitor can be bought electronically by going to:    (the June issue also has a special focus on Software Defined Radios)