New video guide for Linux users – the non-windows SDR installation process

Last month we introduced our interactive web interface for non-windows installations, for people who want to create their own software builds – it included details on how to get up and running with these our libraries. There’s a link to this in our downloads section of the website:

Well now, we have released the first of what should be a series of videos demonstrating how this works in practice.

The video talks through how to get started and is a step-by-step guide to the installation process for people using non-windows platforms such as Linux or Raspberry Pi and who want to build their own configuration (i.e. not using a ready made build).  This video goes on to show installation of Cubic SDR on the resulting platform.  We plan in future videos, to show the process for GQRX, Pothosware and GNU radio.

Click here to view the video:

The video should be useful to developers and students who want to control the RSP directly using the API for their own radio spectrum processing applications.


More Library information:

As part of our plans to increase the software support for the RSPduo, we have updated 2 key libraries to enable single tuner mode functionality using API 2.13 on all supported platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux – both x86 and ARM based). The first of these libraries is SoapySDRPlay ( and the second is gr-osmosdr (

SoapySDRPlay is used within the SoapySDR framework for applications that support this flow, e.g. CubicSDR and Pothosware

gr-osmosdr is used within the Gnu Radio framework for applications that support this flow, e.g. Gnu Radio Companion (GRC) and GQRX