Huntsville Hamfest and other SDRplay news

For those heading to Alabama this weekend for the Huntsvillve hamfest, be sure to drop by the Kenwood stand and meet Steve from SDRplay who will be running demos and answering technical questions.

Next to the Kenwood stand is Ham Radio Outlet, our US channel partner and reseller.

This week saw Simon Brown of SDR Console release V 3.02 of SDR-Console which now has added support for the RSPduo (in single tuner mode).  Simon relies on donations to support much of his work so please give generously via his website on .  SDR Console remains a great way to provide remote access to an RSP.   For those of you thinking about buying an RSP you can try out actual RSPs around the world by going to where, if you scroll down you can see a list of all the available remote SDRs – usually there are at least 10-20 RSPs on there, to try out (avoid the ones with padlocks or warning triangles!)     For those of you with an RSP wanting to make yours available for remote listening (great to play with at work for example!) then this video guide shows how to do it (some of the exact screens may have changed since the video was made):

We are testing the EXTIO plugin for the RSPduo and hope to have that out within a matter of days – this will enable HDSDR to run the RSPduo.

Many thanks for all the positive feedback from our Non Windows Video guide which is encouraging us to get on with the next one which instead of Cubic SDR,  will take you through the GNU installation.

I am late getting out a blog on the educational project we are doing in conjunction with RS Components to put an RSP1A inside a Pi-Top Raspberry-Pi laptop computer – it will come very soon!

Finally, one thing we really enjoy at SDRplay is looking at the numerous videos posted by users – like this cool one taken during the recent meteor shower: